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Philip is available to give concerts, talks and any other events with a seated audience. He has been invited to play at hundreds of events in recent years, and is an experienced public speaker as well as performer. Prices start at £220.


To book Philip for your concert or event, click here to send a request by email. You should receive a response within 1-2 working days. (Please include details of event type, location, date and time.)

Below are some testimonial comments, from people and organisations for whom Philip has performed.

Ida Rogers, Christleton Women's Institute

“We were enchanted by Philip's playing and wanted him to continue long after it was time for him to stop. I heard Philip again at a non-W.I. event when one of our party grumbled beforehand that if he’d known it was a violinist he'd never have come – afterwards he sheepishly admitted how much he enjoyed the violinist! That says it all.” 

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